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I have decided to add new weapons to the mix in this mod, these weapons consist of the "rivet gun" the "incinerator" and "the shocker" all three weapons will be made at the " fix-it" machine which appears in most levels throughout the mod.

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These weapons will be re-skinned models for the AR2 and the revolver, however, "the shocker" will be a completley new weapon, so alot of work needs to be put into the development of this new weapon. the "fix-it" machine will be able to create the ammo for these weapons, as that is the only way to create these ammo items.

The "fix-it" machine will be much more important to the player than fabricating the custom weapons, the machine can create large health kits, and is used to create new items that will be used in puzzles throughout the deeper, darker levels. This makes the puzzles more confusing because not only must you find all the items to create the item needed, but you also need to know what your looking for, it's no good just picking up some random chunk of metal and hoping it will become the object your looking for.

The "fix-it" machines will be blue and will "glow-in-the-dark" so they are more obvious to see, but other than that, they are just tools with which you use to progress further throughout the mod.

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