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Weekly update with more coming soon! The videos are full hd you can enjoy them in full screen

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Hey guys, still working hard on lots of new content for the alpha and demo! We're hoping we're close to releasing it, so you should see it shortly.

Here's the update for today : 3 new weapons with sound fx. Next week comes bigger updates with more weapons and content!

Please give us your opinion!

Flare Gun

Tesla Canon

Canon Shotgun

Fireball24 - - 107 comments

I think the tesla cannon sound is too quiet I would give it sound of an actual tesla coil

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IRitchieI Author
IRitchieI - - 5 comments

Thanks for your opinion!. I will make it a little bit louder. I don't wanna make it too loud cause eventually it will be annoying for the player, I want to try to make the sounds as soft as possible.

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D-27 - - 44 comments

The tesla cannon sound is nice and soft, I thought it would be loud and annoying. But the flare gun is a bit too weak needs more light, or does it have any other function?

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IRitchieI Author
IRitchieI - - 5 comments

Thanks for your support :) . We will take in consideration the light of the flare gun, i agree with you.
But Alex and Hayes have to decide about that :) !.

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Master3377 - - 77 comments

Hey I really like your game and what you want it to be, the concept is awesome,, such as the screens and video you put ! As for the sound fx, I just wanted to say that I don't like much the canon shotgun because it doesn't sound like a gun, but more like a toy :) Anyway nice update ! Keep going !!!

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IRitchieI Author
IRitchieI - - 5 comments

Hi! thanks for your opinion! Can u tell me wich part of the sound do you think that make it sound like a toy? It's the reload?

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