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There is a new version that fixes a critical bug in level 6. Head over to downloads to get it! As well as some instructions as to how to continue your saved game.

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It appears there was a critical bug in the first official version. It made it impossible to finish level 6, because of a bug with the circuitboard and the generator. My apologies for anyone who made it there and got stuck. I uploaded version 1.1 which fixes this bug. Download it and replace it with the older files. Your savegame *should* still work. At least it did for me. If it does not load anymore, try using the autosave of level 5 and replay from there. Alternatively you can also just skip level 6 either by using the 'nextmap' console command, or by using idclip. One more thing that you can do is type 'give redcard' in the console to give yourself the red keycard so you finish the map normally.

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