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A new version of the mod is to be released in a few weeks.

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European Warfare almost after 2 years of having its final version released has been revised. Final version has had many bug and problems concerning the multiplayer part of the game, so the multiplayer part of the game was mostly played using v3test (last beta version) while the single player deathmatch part of the game functioned normally with a well done Ai etc. This version has had the whole multiplayer part fixed and not only that, it also contains singleplayer battles and a wholly fixed scenario editor which can now be used to create single and multiplayer scripted maps and campaigns (if anyone is interested in reproducing those please feel free to contact me). The only segment of this version that is doubtful is the single player version of the deathmatch (also known as random map). The deathmatch in multiplayer will function normally but the only thing that is now being actively worked on is the Ai, since it seems that it doesn't work well now in the random map version of the game.

For all those who are intimidated to play the big historical battle on line against real life opponents, now you will be able to play historical battles in single player so you can practice and become as best as you can to challenge people on line. At the moment the game is being tested for any other bugs so that the release might be as bug free as possible. To make difference with the regular final version this version will be called European Warfare Napoleonica Hawks' edition final version (Being name hawks' edition since hawks are the biggest group playing the modification on line and being the biggest reason why I decided to revise the game almost 2 years after its final release.)

Here is a nice video of a hawk called Napo89 showing of all the nations that will be more or less playable:

Hope you all still like the modification and will be thrilled with the news :)


It's quite awesome to have all these nations back, almost reminds me of Cossacks again.

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