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Complete redone version 0.3 Beta of the Virtual Westwood Museum Mod is out now!

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- Inserted Renegade-Stuff:

- Old Loadscreen
- Old Scope


Weapons GDI:
- Old GDI Pistol Vehicles GDI:
- Old GDI Harvester (AI, tracked)
- Old GDI Harvester (wheeled)
- Old GDI Humvee
- Old GDI Medium Tank
- Old GDI Mammoth Tank

Naval Vehicles GDI:
- Old GDI Light Transport Hovercraft
- SP GDI Heavy Transport Hovercraft
- SP GDI Personal Transport Hovercraft
- SP GDI Gunboat
- GDI-Skinned SP Submarine

Flying Vehicles GDI:
- Old GDI Orca Helicopter

Characters GDI:
- Engineer alternate outfit
- MiniGunner alternate outfit
- MiniGunner second alternate outfit
- Maus
- Locke
- Old Havoc (= Logan)
- Female Civil Resistance (I named her "Leila")


Weapons NOD:
- Old NOD Pistol
- Old SBH Laser Rifle
- Old Laser Chain-Gun

Vehicles NOD:
- Old NOD Harvester (AI, tracked)
- Old GDI Harvester (wheeled)
- Old NOD Buggy
- Old NOD Bike
- Old NOD Light Tank
- Old NOD Medium Tank
- Old NOD Flame Tank
- Old NOD Truck without Load
- SP NOD Truck
- Old NOD Apache (Version 1)
- Old NOD Apache (Version 2)
- SP NOD SSM Missile-Launcher

Naval Vehicles NOD:
- Old NOD Light Transport Hovercraft
- SP NOD Submarine
- NOD-Skinned SP Gunboat

Flying Vehicles NOD:
- SP NOD Commanche Attack Helicopter

Characters NOD:
- Old Minigunner Outfit
- Old Minigunner Officer Outfit
- Old Flame-Thrower Outfit with backpack
- Old Chem-Warrior Outfit with backpack
- Old Sakura Outfit
- Sakura-Dead6 Alternate Outfit
- First Mate
- Sea-Captain
- Civil Petrova
- Mutant Petrova
- Kane
- Kane hologram outfit
- Mr.Tickles

- Inserted Renegade2-Stuff:

Vehicles Soviet:
- Soviet Rhino Tank
- Soviet Apocalypse Tank Vehicles Allied:
- Allied Prisma Trank
- Allied Light Tank
- Allied Grizzly Tank

Flying Vehicles Soviet:
- Soviet Vulture Helicopter
- Soviet Kirov Airship

Flying Vehicles Allied:
- Allied Transport Helicopter


MAP "VM_TheTwoTowers":

- Inserted Renegade-Stuff:

Buildings GDI:

- GDI Outpost Tower
- Old GDI Small Outpost Tower
- Old GDI Repairpad
- Old GDI Tiberium Silo
- Old GDI Heli-Pad
- Old GDI Airstrip
- Old GDI Communications Center [without the underground floor]
- Old GDI Guard Tower, Version 1
- Old GDI Guard Tower, Version 2
- GDI-Skinned SP Pier
- Piershack
- Old GDI Console
- GDI-Skinned SP SAM Site

Vehicles GDI: - Destroyed GDI Light Transport Hovercraft

Buildings NOD:
- Old Hand of NOD
- NOD Outpost
- Old NOD Repairpad
- Old NOD Tiberium Silo
- Old NOD Heli-Pad
- Old NOD Construction Yard; as Deco
- SP NOD Pier
- Piershack
- some Load from Old NOD Truck as Deco
- Old NOD Console
- NOD Big Gun (Big Turret = Shore Defence Cannon)
- Old NOD Gun-Emplacement
- Old NOD Mobile Gun-Emplacement
- SP SAM Site

Buildings & Characters Mutants:
- Mutant Lab (Science Facility)
- Mutant Initiate
- Mutant Acolyte
- Mutant Templar
- Visceroid

- Inserted Renegade2-Stuff:
Natural: Trees, Bushes, Grass, Rocks

Buildings Soviet:
- Big Walls (Towers + Walls)



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