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A new version of Sketch Tanks has been finished and is now on sale. Download or purchase your copy before it's too late!

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As I had previously said on YouTube and Twitter, I have been hard at work adding online high score support to Sketch Tanks, and now it is finished!

The new version of Sketch Tanks has been uploaded to the website and is ready for download (or purchase, if you are generous :D).

Anyways, you might have noticed that I said Sketch Tanks is on sale in the title. How can a pay what you want game go on sale? Well, nothing about the pricing of Sketch Tanks is changing right now. You can still get it for free or for whatever amount of money you wish to pay me, but that will not be true forever. Starting next Monday (October 10) Sketch Tanks will have a set minimum price. The exact price I have not yet decided on, but rest assured it will be very reasonable.

If you have not yet downloaded or bought Sketch Tanks, now is the time to grab yourself a copy before a minimum price is set!

See you all in the forums!

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