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Let's face it, people. What fun is a simulation game where you can't simulate doing drugs? I'll tell you- not fun at all. Just ask the Europeans. So, in order to address this obvious flaw in BES 2013, I have added pills and some other fun narcotics to make things more interesting. Furthermore, you can no longer heal while moving. That's right, you have to hold still for a bunch of turns to recover from a fight, or you can take some pills and get back into shape. But don't overdose...
I also increased the difficulty. Beta testers (TachyonSpeed) were winning too much. Combine this with the ability to only heal while standing still and it'll give him a run for your money. Oh, and you guys too.
A tutorial is in the works as well and should be finished by the time I release the update. I have also added descriptions, sounds, and fixed a few bugs.
I think that's all. Feedback would be very appreciated. Negative and maybe even neutral feedback would help me so much.


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