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Dawn of War II Retribution. You need MORE !

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The most notable changes
Space Marine:
Sternguard Veterans(T2), Engineer squad
New Hero Scout-sergeant, Apothecary now common unit

Imperial Guard
Kasrkin, Hellhound, Engineer squad, Command Leman Russ(improves allied tanks)
Imperial Guard(Inquisitor army)
Stormtroopers, Techmarine, Heavy Weapon Squad
Tier 2
Grey Knights strike squad, Chimera, Dreadnought, Death Watch tactical squad, Hellhound
Tier 3
Predator, Land Raider

-add Chosen Marines squad, Engineer squad, Raptors

-add Dire Avengers

Fire Warriors, Gun Drone, Kroots, Pathfinders.
Tier 2
Xv8 crisis, Chimera, Gue'vesa(=Engineers)
Tier 3
Leman Russ, Devilfish

-become more numerous
-add Engineer squad

-become more more numerous
-can not supress
-add Trygon, Prime Warrior, Engineer squaq


Devilfish in Tier 3? Does it do something different than a Razorback/Chimera/Trukk as a mobile reinforce point/transport with bonus guns?

I think I'm out of the loop there.

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