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A new trailer showing pre-alpha combat in UNION Spaceship Command.

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A New Trailer

As part of a small development team you really need to learn many new things, and for me one of those things was video editing. We needed a Greenlight video and so I threw one together. And threw is really the right word, it wasn't very good.

But I've been practising, and taking feedback from the community. I have been working on making a trailer that is shorter, more punchy, and with text which is less technical.

Here it is:

I would love to get your feedback on it.

UNION Steam Greenlight

samuelmetcalfe - - 44 comments

Describing things with images (even if they're still) is gonna have more impact than the text and as it stands, the visual information in your video just says there's a ship in space and it has laz0rs.... (exaggeration)

You need to work hard to wet appetites and help people to appreciate the co-op concept that your developing - the selling point is going to be the 4 player coop and thus everything in your trailer needs to be driving that home. As a punter, gameplay is king, everything else just works to sweeten the deal.

Get more of the UI concept stuff in there!

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Faerdan Author
Faerdan - - 97 comments

That really is great advice.

The issue is that the UIs aren't ready to show. I have wireframes and debug UIs but nothing near as visually appealing as the more complete Engineering UI design.

I put all of my focus these past few months into the networking, game systems and rendering. I wanted to be able to support a large amount of players/ships/objects on a huge dynamic map, I wanted to know how the game systems and simulations would work across the network (by building them), and I wanted to see ships firing weapons, hitting shields, taking damage, and blowing up. I achieved all that, and it really does work beautifully.

I could have waited another month or two to go to Greenlight, and probably should have, but I got so excited by the huge milestone that I had reached that I became impatient. It can be difficult putting so much time and energy into something while getting little feedback on it.

Still, the response on Greenlight has been great, better than I had expected even.

I hope this response wasn't too long winded. I wanted to give an honest response on why the trailer is as it is.

I would like to thank you personally as well Samuel, for sticking with UNION all this time. It is people like you who have helped me believe in what I am doing when the going was tough.

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