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Tier 3 will have lots of new textures to enhance the testing experience!

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In The Exciting Conclusion of

-GLaDOSv3.11 vrs. VTF EDIT and Photoshop-

Where we last left our neurotoxin loving hero, she was in a desperate struggle to defeat the evil forces of VTF EDIT and Photoshop! Now, if she can not overcome their trials, the Innovators' mod will never be complete! Wielding adequate Steampowered skills, she bravely opens the chat function and messages her fellow Innovator Archmage MC! GLaD to know she is not alone in the dark world of modding, the two overcome the forces of evil and force them into submission! What results from the tremendous victory is an array of colorful and enhancing textures to bedazzle and amuse the players!

Some beautiful textures designed by LiaCroft and GLaDOSv3.11

And they will be redesigned. These are beta versions.

Oh yes!
The blue walls can only hold blue portals and the orange can only hold orange portals.

Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Yah i really don't like those textures :S.

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deathparadeNL - - 2,061 comments

wtf are those bad textures...

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FrontierPsychiatrist - - 108 comments

Reminds me of Minecraft...

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ASBusinessMagnet - - 217 comments

Let me put this in a more creative way:

VTFEdit and Photoshop had a reason to fight and I wish they won.

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letrompe - - 17 comments

i'm pretty sure they did win

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GLaDOSv3.11 Author
GLaDOSv3.11 - - 79 comments

You should see them in game, they are actually really neat. They are made to accent the rooms, not completely retexture them(this screenshot was to show what they looked like, not how they will be used). They will also be adding to the puzzles in game, hopefully(glitches, glitches, glitches). The blue walls can only hold blue portals and the orange walls can only hold orange portals. There are just a few technical glitches that have to be worked out now. The white metal texture is because the Portal 2 textures seemed way too dark to me and the Portal 1 textures were too industrial.

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scottystreet - - 13 comments

They're great!!

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AmaroqDricaldari - - 1,331 comments

I like those new textures.

Now add some Holes to the Portal Gun, maybe some hands (I recommend asking the Blue Portals team first), and whatever else you want.

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GLaDOSv3.11 Author
GLaDOSv3.11 - - 79 comments

Thank you for some positive feedback! We are going to redesign the orange and blue walls now, add some more depth to them. They're too flat and not shiny enough. So yes we will be fixing any mistakes here.
As for adding stuff to the Portal gun, maybe. I'm not sure how to do that but I think I will ask. Thank you for the idea!

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