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Yo hello sup yo people of IndieDB, I got some new updates coming for you! I got to say I am pretty excited for this stuff, and I hope you will be too!

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Here is some new stuff that I've implemented in 2Dlandz:

  • New Graphics for the weapons, we changed the weapons look a little bit so it looks much more "metallic" and shiny, I like the look myself, I hope you do too!

  • New weapons! We have long been talking about melee weapons in our game, we just didn't know how to do it. But now we have figured it out, so I present too you, our brand new melee weapon! THE CHAINSAW! (product not yet rated). Anyway, here is the full list of all the weapons:

    Chainsaw, a melee weapon where you can hunt down your enemies with and cut them too pieces.
    Ability: Makes the player run faster + throws out a trap at the target location ensnaring the first enemy it hits.

    Laser, a big mother lacking laser who penetrates the whole map! How badass isn't that?! The player firstly got to charge up the laser, the more it charges, the more damage it deals.

    Ability: Fires out multiple lasers at the target location dealing damage.

    Sniper Rifle, this is a sweet weapon right here, my favorite. It is has a laser sight to help the player easily hit his target.
    Ability: Graplinghook, grapples the first tile it hits and pulls the player at the location.

    Blower (wait wut), this weapon is called "Hurricane" in the game, I couldn't come up with a better name here at indieDB to describe it well :( this weapon pushes everything away from the direction the player is shooting, even grenades!
    Ability: Makes the player get pushed back as well from the pressure, this can be used to fly away from sticky situations.

  • New Tiles, I have been working on some new tiles lately that can change the gameplay, such as: Doors, buttons, teleporters and ladders. It's quite fun to play with!

    And now the last thing I got to talk about, our own Level Editor! All our maps is created in our level editor, it's very easy to use and can create massive maps! It's fun to just take a break from the coding part and just sit down creating some awesome maps, if enough interest is shown, we may put a download link to our Editor AND Game here so you can freely download it and try it out!

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