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As the game becomes more populated and more servers come the need for better server browsing arose. So now you can browse servers with ping, map size and player sorting. As well as a complete mini-preview of what's going on inside the server. Check out the latest installation of King Arthur's Gold!

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Besides tweaking some things, improving the auto-updater and fixing bugs we have now a completely NEW SERVERS BROWSER!


  • pinging (sorting closest server)
  • map preview (check and see what is going on the server before joining)
  • sorting by map size
  • better view of locked and full servers

Attention knights! You can't destroy now castle backgrounds with a normal hit and you can't destroy your teams open doors. This is to prevent random damage when fighting inside your castle. You'll need a full slash to destroy the castle back wall.

Changes 142-151:

- new server browser
- server pinging
- server minimap preview
- optimized GUI rendering
- max server name length added
- server info limited to 144 chars
- client disconnects with message when trying to enter full server
- autoupdater reads another download URL if first one fails
- precache.txt doesn't update in autoupdater
- block cursor always shows for archer & knight
- knight can't destroy team open door
- knight can destroy castle background only with slash
- changed default team switch button to ALT

Jpmerida - - 203 comments

Wow! Nice..!!
Btw.. Im hard picking a Server because Im in my netbook... and its 1024X600, and about the "F1" on playing a game... its not displaying perfectly, (Thats why I only discoverd at the Tower (in multiplayer) and pressing "E" will change class....

(All of this.. is equal too=)
"Can you able it to netbook, Oh and the resulotion. =)

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Michal.Marcinkowski Author
Michal.Marcinkowski - - 38 comments

I'll try to fix your resolution.

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Betelgeuze - - 872 comments

I just wonder, why not make the menu in then same 'sketched'-style of the original menu sketch? I loved how that looked!

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MaxCahill - - 116 comments

We might later on, but for now it's nicer on old graphics cards not to have large bitmaps (required for sketchiness) around to to put together and takes me the same amount of asset production time. We're going to overhaul the menu to use more panels and to streamline a little (more things in one place, better presented, coherent design, not so many nested menus...) but it's on the backlog as we want to get more fun features in :) Glad you like my sketches, we might have to offer that as an option if I get a free week or so ;)

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