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new in game level and battle layout and Brion Foulke talk flipside on Team Unit Crew Podcast.

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Hey just back with a little update. I've have some good news. all the back end coding is 100% done... thank god. So now on to some more art and level design stuff and then the game will be all good to go. By the way for everyone that has been asking the game will go up to the end of the Bloody Mary chapters. So that is chapter 1 - 19.

Anyway on to the media update. I got 3 thing for you today. A in game look at a new level and battle layout. the last thing is not really anything to do with the game... some what but Brion Foulke was on a podcast not to long ago talking about flipside. So if you want to get a look into his head when he was thinking up flipside, give the podcast a play.


Looking good, will be waiting for this game

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This reminds me so much of our first podcast :)
I liked it. And if one of you guys that produced the podcast think that it had a bad start, my advice is: don't worry, it will get better.

Now, besides comics, everything that is episodic (even podcasts! :O) need frequent updates. This can become an issue though, so don't rush in to commit to a schedule. Experiment with the schedule before settling and announcing a frequency of the shows/comic issues.

- everybody can get a microphone and make a podcast:
True. To get more people in though, you'll need to provide contents, and that's the difference between guys with microphones and a podcast.
As long as you talk about the game, you have contents that nobody else can supply. You have a podcast.

- interesting view on buying games. Usually, the games that I buy manage to keep me interested more than a month. Plus, I tend to re-play some of them (RTS-es, then STALKER, this one has a nice SP campaign).

- you should really consider bringing Jennifer on the podcast. She's not shy about sharing her opinion about games, and from what I was able to hear, she's bringing arguments to it. So, get her on.

- men are the best chefs. Period. So, aprons are ok.
Again, as I already said, get her on the podcast on the next shows.

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Kusyo Author

i will pass on the info. I did not make the podcast. it was just some podcast that Brion Foulke was on.

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BTW, there's also a mod called Flipside.

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