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A WIP list of the New Republic Space Units. It looks like it might not be finished

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X-wing (Tech 1 - 7 fighters per squadron)
Y-Wing (Tech 1 - 3 Bombers per squadron)
A-wing (Tech 1 - 7 Fighters Per Squadron)
B-wing (Tech 1- 3 Fighter/bombers per Squadron)
ARC-170 (Tech 2 - 5 Fighter/bombers per squadron)
Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor (Tech 2 - Jedi Transport)
Gladiator - Class assault fighter (Tech 2 - 7 fighters per squadron - Mandalore only)
CR90 - (Tech 1)
Corellian gunship (DP20) - (Tech 1 Buildable only on Corellia)
Consular-class cruiser (Charger c70 retrofit) - (Tech 2)

EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate (Tech 1) (Light)
MC30c frigate (Tech 1 - Only Buildable on Minntooine and Mon Calamari) (Light)
CC-7700 Interdictor frigate (Tech 2 - Buildable only on Corellia) (Light)
Arquitens-class light cruiser (Tech 2) (Medium)
Nebulon-C Frigate (Tech 3 - Replaces nebulon-b on the build) (Medium)

Assault Frigate Mk. I (Tech 1) (Medium)
Assault Frigate Mk. II(non - Buildable) (Heavy)
Tra'kad (Tech 3 - Mandalore only) (Heavy)
Dreadnaught - Class heavy cruiser (Tech 3) (Heavy)

Destroyers and cruisers

MC80 Home one type (Tech 3 - Mon Calamari only)
MC80 (Liberty Type) (Tech 3 - Mon Calamari Only)

Republic Class -
Venator SD (Tech 4)
ISD II (Tech 5 - Kuat only, Limit of 5)

Millennium Falcon
Slave 1
GR-75 medium transport

Eta-class shuttle
Nu-class attack shuttle

Clone Tactical Officer (Fleet Commander - Can only be Recruited on Kamino, Wayland and Coruscant - Clone Advanced Training Centre)
New Republic Captain (Fleet Commander)


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