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Here a Summary of New Republic Land Units WIP List

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Rebel Soldiers (Tech 1 only, Vanilla in-game troops, 11 troops including 1 Sargent. Carry Blaster pistols)
New Republic Soldiers ( Tech 2, Difference is they carry Blaster Rifles, Less Weak, come in more numbers and do more damage, 34 Soldiers includes 2 Sargent's, 1 Lieutenant and a Medic)
New Republic Spec Forces ( Tech 1 - Squad of 7 troops, Medic, sniper, 2 Missile Troopers and z-6 trooper and 2 Commandos - Commandos can due more damage with their blaster rifle and can throw remote bombs)
New Republic Missile Trooper ( Tech 2 - Squad of 3 Troops)
New Republic Field Commander ( Tech 1 - 1 Commander)
Jedi Knight ( Tech 2 - 1 Jedi, Can Act as Field and Fleet Commander - Can only by Recruited at Jedi Temple)
Phase 2 Clone Troopers ( Tech 2 - Platoon of 28 Clones that include 2 Sargent's, 1 Lieutenant and a Medic - Can only be Recruited on Kamino, Wayland and Coruscant - Differ from normal Troops, they do more damage and can take more fire - Requires Republic Cloning Facility )
Phase 2 BARC Speeder Clones (Tech 2 - 2 Speeders)
Phase 2 Rail - Class Arc Troopers ( Tech 3 - 4 Clones per Squad)
Mandalorian Sniper (Tech 2 - 2 Snipers)
Mandalorian Commando (Tech 2 - 10 Commandos, Can only be recruited on Mandalore and Concord Dawn)
Mandalorian Commander (Tech 2 - 1 commander)
T2-B repulsor tank (Tech 1 - 5 in a Group)
ACC Hovertank (Tech 2 - 4 in a Group)
T4 -B Heavy Tank ( Tech 3 - 3 in a Group)
MDU (Tech 1 - 2 per Group)
AT-TE ( Tech 3 - 1 Per group -
Can only be Built at Rothana Heavy Engineering Factory on Rothana) (Can also Act as a Transport)
UT-TE (Tech 3 - 2 per group - Can only be Built at Rothana Heavy Engineering Factory on Rothana)(Can also Act as Transport)

MPTL -2a (Tech 2 - 2 per group, Comes with Spotter droids)

Air Support
T-47 airspeeder (Tech 1 - 3 per Group)
Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) (Tech 2 - 1 per group - Can only be Built at Rothana Heavy Engineering Factory on Rothana, Transport) (Can Deploy Clone Trooper Squad as well as act as Transport)


incredibly, by the way, I think that the armor of clones should be different from the Clone Wars, I think I will be able to draw for them new armor

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I think the Clone Armor should be more advanced but maybe we should use a bit of FlashMC designs but keep the original sort of look.

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I do this, will be the first sketches on Friday

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