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A new more advanced rendering system is being built, larger courses to follow!

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EDIT: (1/2/2011) New update is imminent!

New Rendering System Underway:
This weekend Nathan began rebuilding the rendering system! He was only able to build half of the new system before time ran out, so this exciting feature will have to wait until next weekend before it can be implemented.

The issue with our current render system is that it sends out individual render calls to the video card for every single polygon -- which is terribly, terribly costly! The new system will take advantage of batched rendering, chunk processing, along with proper deletion of polygons from unseen faces.

We haven't tested the new system fully yet with Liquid Cubed, but theoretically it should allow support for much larger courses with a steady framerate. Overall a far more interesting demonstration of the liquid algorithm than the little 16x16x16 box we're playing with right now.

The ModDB page will be updated sometime next Monday with the progress. Grace permitting, it'll be the release of version 1.0.3!

ATI Video Display Problems:
Unfortunately we do not have on hand any ATI videocards to diagnose the current display issue with, but a generous user has offered to try and discover where the problem is coming from with his own ATI-running machine. If we can confirm a fix, we'll update the ModDB page and hotpatch Liquid Cubed so you can quickly get it deployed!

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Wow, I wish I knew all about them technical information like "sends out individual render calls to the video card for every single polygon". On the other hand, great news!

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