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a new release is up with a ton of new mech builds and returning pirate weapons. The DLC releases the 23rd! Will break merctech and us a bit give us a week or two to get a working build done.

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A new month a new...DLC???
well we where no expecting that so soon. Anew DLC for MW5 is amazing and melee will give us so many new toys to work with? Swords anyone? That all will be a while out sadly, A new DLC means mods will break for a while. We are hoping to be back up in two weeks time. Till then 2.0. Unstable build 5 is up. what does it add? welll


If you have the Heroes of the Innersphere DLC on pirate contracts these fine corsairs might show up to ruin your day. The pirates have also made there own weapons to try and win the day


The Goblin twins engineer 12 new weapons so far to ruin the days of any merc or brighten them should they buy there wares.

Work also continues on the Longbow and other mechs


ballistic longbow anyone?
We will hopefully soon return to update you all post DLC release. Till then...
Stay frosty pirates we have a sphere to raid.
Join us on our for the most up-to-date builds!



How many slots do the pirate coffin heavy rifle takes? Just wondering if i'll be able to replace my four heavy rifles on my annihilator with this...

How many heavy rifles fit in the ballistic longbow. Asking for a friend! xD

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