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The release date of the mod is near! This year December! I will add 2 new weapons too from ME3 and i'm working on a Secret Project called: Project Normandy! I wil show you this project as a game today!

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So, the New weapons are

The Indra's low-powered scope leaves it most effective at medium range,
but many soldiers believe this limitation is offset by the gun's rapid
rate of fire. The Indra is the first military-grade, fully automatic
sniper rifle. It has an extremely efficient heat-sink system that
allows a surprisingly large number of shots to be fired before the
weapon ejects its thermal clip.

You can find it here: Hidden in Citadel Embasies.

M-3000 Claymore
Very rare krogan
shotgun. Deals high damage at short range; less effective at long
range. Effective against armor, shields and biotic barriers. It is of
human design but is only used by krogan, due to the fact that the
kickback from a single shot has enough force to break a human's arm.
Protected by Fabrication Rights Management (FRM) technology, this weapon
is nearly impossible to reproduce and is prohibitively expensive.

I don't find any place for it yet.

Secret Project's game's name is...................................................................
Normandy Flight Simulator!
In this game you can fly with the Normandy
I will release the Demo version of it today with prototype grapichs.

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