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There is a new version 1.0 Release Candidate patch with a lot of changes.

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Hello everyone,

the new v1.0 Release Candidate is finished, including several quality of life changes.

There are now pop infos when you collect credits, health or armor. But also, when passive items give you credits, health or armor. This way, you have a better feedback what is happening.


I'm still trying to improve the visuals and animations of the enemies. One new thing is that the invisible enemies now have a animation, where they fade in and out of their invisibility.


A lot of time was needed when I rewrote the whole menu navigation. Every option and setting in the game is now completely selectable with your keyboard and gamepad. No need of switching back and forth to your mouse anymore! :)



Here is a detailed list of all changes:


- popup info when you get credits, health or armor
- option in settings to disable popup info
- lil buddy explosion animation
- item: chance spawning a lil buddy when taking damage
- item: reset ability cooldown when taking damage
- sounds for getting credits, health or armor from items
- sound when losing armor instead of health
- sound when dodging
- sound when losing shield from item
- sound when destroying a box
- fading animation for invisible enemies
- hidden achievement
- immune time after dodge
- very rare platin credit worth 10 credits
- menu usable with keyboard and controller
- variable jump height
- new rooms for each stage
- new block graphics
- 10 more text lines for each character


- improved popup info for dodges and critical hits
- every instance spawning a credit can be a golden or even platin credit now
- cure item now heals completely instead of only 2
- credit value of ruby, emerald and diamond now 8, 10 and 12
- menu selection more consistent
- code optimization and cleanup
- items which increase max health won't heal anymore
- abilities are now grayed out if they can't be used

fixed bugs:

- laser of endboss sometimes not disappearing
- protector item wrong color
- missing floor in one room
- incorrect item description
- projectiles disappearing when pausing the game
- unified texts across the game
- being able to instantaneously kill boss with spike touch damage item

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