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Some new things about the game and great stuff too!

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Some good news as of now is that the game is coming along very well. Everything is going as planned I'm just waiting on my pixel artist to finish everything he has to do up before I start on the major things I want to do. So far there is a car system, hunger system, time system, shooting system, advanced debug system, and a bunch of other nice features as far as the car system is going to go...
Cars will be buy able at dealerships (ran by humans)
You will be able to customize its license plate (That'll be just a text that's attached to the car)
The cars will have an advanced saving system so you can own as many as you wish

Also the shooting is using a ray casting system that means an invisible line is drawn in front of the player and if the zombie is in that line for the split second that its up the zombie will be hit by a bullet.

As far as the city goes it'll be huge! I'm thinking something like 1,000 x 1,000 (It will not lag on psp though)

Total Progress - 7%

Time for some bad news..... I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to stay in the psp scene my laptop is breaking down on me and I don't know how much longer it'll hold up... I'm getting an andriod tablet soon so if I don't get ZZ done before the end of this year I'll release the psp version as an open source with all the work that I have done so far. But if I do finish it the source will be tossed in my recycle bin while you guys enjoy this game on the psp and soon to be andriod operated phones/tablets!

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