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New and important news about the chest collector! Please read this important news release about Da Chest Collector!

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This is the exciting game of some unnamed guy who doesn't really know why he is doing this. He travels from world to world, map to map, and place to place (which ever suits you). This guy get chests to build up the high score! Some maps have 1 chest, 2 chests, 3 chests, 0 chests, 30 + chests, really, any amount. I am working on a new version to be .75 so that this game can be released by the holidays. This really isn't a wip (work in progress) because we are so close to be a complete game.

I will be making a multi platform version as well as an ubuntu version. I know that I can't post a help wanted post (we don't need any help) but if you are interested in helping, go to and click on forums. PM me, PizzaLover101

Until next time, have fun!

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