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New news about the plot. Maybe one plot, maybe two!? There is news about both macs and linux releases.

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DaItsicle has made excellent progress. The first chapter story line is almost done. There will be a release on this in the SVN. The directions are here:

We made a suggestion box for DCCG;

We, the developer's of DCCG, have upgraded from PAS 2.5 to PAS 2.6 (Actually, it was Leo. He did it all, Klimyriad and I just watched :D)

Leo has also been working on the menus. He has upgraded the menus to suit the style of DCCG. Instead of skipping between menus, there will be one “static” menu that displays info in the centre of the screen. The menu is a little buggy at the moment, but Leo will soon fix any errors and ensure the menu is entirely complete.

Also, I have been working on something so that they should be able to play on both Mac and Linux. This will be available soon.

Another thing we have been working on getting a save/load feature working. There is currently one for the RPG mode in PAS, but someone would have to re-build it to work on FPS because it was originally intended for RPG.

Leo has recently been playing around with DCCG to see if he could do anything fancy, besides making the menus look cooler, he discovered that DCCG can be used on the Steam Client with the friends and web browser overlay much like that with a regular steam game or mod. Simply select “Add a game” in the library tab on Steam and select “Add a non-steam game” and browse for dccg.exe.

There has been a huge update on the plot for DCCG. There is now going to be two. Leo_V117, the same one that is coding the menus and made the switch to 2.6, is making his own plot named "Subject Escape" for DCCG.

The player (dubbed Subject 17) is left in a collapsing test facility known as Kirata Industries, after they wake up during a lapse known as the "Collapse"; they find they must escape before they are trapped forever in the already wrecked test facility. After Escaping Kirata Industries, they are introduced to a new location, on the edge of Kirata Industries, City 101. As well as being introduced to a new location, Subject 17 is introduced to a new character, S-14 Alpha. S-14 Alpha is a friendly "bot" used to assist test subject with each test, after the subject finishes the tests, they are set free and the S models are destroyed, S-14 Alpha managed to escape when his subject died. S-14 was nothing more than a hovering robot, until it was accidentally struck down during the collapse, Now S-14 is a computer virus which spread across the entire of City 101; S-14 will help the player through multiple puzzles within Kirata Industries and City 101.

We have been throwing around many more ideas of what to add, but I think I'll save those for a later post.

Until next time,

XeonBoxStudios - - 86 comments

Ha ha ha. Kirata is based off Hirato isn't it?

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Leo_V117 - - 153 comments

Yup. I thought it might be fun!

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