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added some nice stuff, frogmines, (attachable), new weaponslot, fist, extreme bugfixings (look in forum, fixed bugs). included a optimized shopsystem and handling of items in a shop, including salesman. please take a look in the videsection 8)

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-all (!) items & weapons can be destroyed, if the weapon have enough (!) power
-every item have his own destroyed particle effect
-swiming/diving now depends on loaded mass
-if you get wouned/hurt under water, under water hurt sounds will be played
-a complete new water step routine, which sounds atleast good Cool
(maybe i recode also the complete step routine)
-major improvement to clearingstoryteller trigger: (animated message teller)
--after input, a predelay time can be waited before start
--if wanted, a key must be pressed to start this animated message
--if wanted, a animated walki talki symbol is shown during the time
after predelay and not pressed the key to get the call. that means the
player can trigger the story progess and telling at his own intrest.
very easy to use: inly 4 new settings inside the trigger, (i'm so
proud about this *g*)
-random new vehicle crash sounds which depends on crashspeed ^^
-if you aim friendly units, they will react with speach and animations to you
-jerrycan and chainsaw swap automaticly ammo
-droping / throwing distance of jerrycan depends on loaded fuel
-finally a animated jerrycan from sniper *g*
-debugged 8 animated skylayers which was not used because of a "--" instead "//"
-massive debugged grabbing animations (now also possible if you crauch or p rone or swimm or dive)
-5th weaponslot is active
-during rain in all vehicle a random rain on metal sound is audible (also depending on rainamount ^^)
-added mission and submissions shows automaticle a big info on screen which fades out
-added clearingworlddirector entity, which starts day/night trigger and
randomly triggers weather entitys, it will also later get the "press
key for start" after loading the game, like crysis.
-now during rain there are waterdrop ripples on water
--pickups who get not enough damage to be destroyed but get a force by
bullts and are have very low mass, use a lower inertia to prevent them
to blow away hundred of meters
--itemgrabb animation now asks also for player pro ne or crouch position or diving/swimming
--physics of items can be switched off for damage and spawn, but will
have OnCollide physics (needed for "treasure" items, (now nobody can
those items shoot from tricky positions to
- easier collecting, player is forced to touch them personally
-no rainsound if player is diving
-rainentity ask at startrain command if another rainentity is running and regret if yes
-salesman can be needed for weapons if they need money to obtain
-frogmines can be placed on terrain, under flat water or can be attached to enemies or vehicles.
-you hear during rain waterdrops on metal on vehicles, depending on rainamount

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