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So after not having internet for 5 or 6 months or something like. I have had tons of time to work on both projects.

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We now have a complete continent that will be fully explorable.

Nova will feature
1.Magic- Still being worked on
2.Buildable House/Castle/Farms./Ships/Towns/Villages.
3.Pets- Now these can be almost any creature as long as you have the necessary food for the creature
4. Guilds- Will function like SAOs
5. Diseases- These will infect not just the players but the npcs and such can even contract Vampirism/Lycanthrope
6. Full continent- This means it is 100% explorable from the shores of beach to the frozen tundra, to the jungles/rain forest/Mountains.
7. Respawning- Will include a time limit and in that time limit of 24 game hours, if you can reach your body you will regain all your experiance/items/pets/Money, if you don't you will be at level 1 and placed in
8. Online play where you can play with people on the server for your country. Single play where you play by yourself. Then there is Co-op where you can play up to 16 people, that have a nerve gear.


What about nerve gear?
how much is it complete?

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Akira_Shaga1 Author

nothing being done except coming up with ideas on how it works. I have been talking to the people who are neuroscientist and have there own building to see if they will help us.

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Akira_Shaga1 Author

Yes SAO is not dead

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