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So,i'm doing good! Turbine and Cargo are added,but there are still problems when i start,so i working on every map

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Underground(MW3): Underground is set in a London Underground station. It consists of two
main areas, the station itself and some walkways around the tracks. The
tracks are covered with demolished trains, which can be climbed on and
walked through. The main spawn points are at either end of the map, one
at the main road and the other at the station's 'Way Out'. The main
station has glass roofs, so air support can reach there.

Cargo(BO2): Cargo consists of a circular central area that has shipping crates
surrounding it, along with an office building opposite to the shipping
crate area. The major lines of sight that surround the central area form
a sort of triangle with corners at each side of the shipping crates and
the office building. This makes Cargo a generally balanced map.

Central area

As mentioned before, the central area is dynamic. This not only
changes the paths that can be taken in the central area but also when
the crates are being moved by the crane, they can be used as a form of
cover as they will often block out views of key points on the map;
namely the office building and the two opposing piles of shipping crates
that are often populated at the beginning of the match.

Shipping crates

The shipping crates form the southern area of the map and wrap around
the sides of the central area. At each of the two sides, there are some
crates that players can go on top of. Since these two areas are
directly opposite each other, it is often where most of the initial
fighting takes place. Since these two areas are decently far apart and
also offer good sightlines over the central area and the office
building, a long range weapon such as a sniper rifle or a light machine gun would be useful if the player decides to spend time on top of either side of crates.
While the tops of the shipping crates can possess good offensive
benefits, there are flanking routes on either side. Due to this, Claymores, Bouncing Betties and Shock Charges are useful for holding these positions.

Office building

The office building provides a good overlook of the central area and
also the aforementioned two areas of shipping crates, and also an
overview to the northeastern part of the map. Likewise to the shipping
crates, although it provides a good offensive position, it is very
easily flanked from both sides.Turbine(BO2): The center of the map is open, and there are numerous buildings overlooking that space, making the map excellent for the use of Sniper Rifles.
However, there are lots of large rocks spreading outwards from the
center that create close-quarters action. There is also one path that
circles the outside of the map. A mounted Death Machine with infinite ammunition is also located in one of the buildings.

These are few maps overview.

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