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Check out our new video showing the gameplay of our game Little Trus Man, in its GOLD version !

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Retro-graphic world, retro-electronic soundtrack, Little Trus Man is a challenging platformer mixed with a puzzle game that will bring you back in time, when the player skills and perseverance were rewarded!

The game will be released next week, stay tuned ! Will Little Trus Man ever find Tyler ?


The idea is interesting and fun. I can see very promising start and I will certainly put an eye on this project to see how it is changing and getting better.

But as it is now, it seems to be frustrating and boring. It doesn´t seem to be challenging. I think that the problem is that I must place too many parts nearly randomly. For me as a player the time when I am building the "construction" to reach somewhere is boring. There isn´t any plan behind it. I would suggest to make it more like logical game – especially the block placing (every part has some tiles and you should use them wisely).

I can see that screen is scrolling and I can´t probably stop. It is probably something that should bring a challenge. For me it is frustrating. Not enjoyable. Not challenging. And on the top of that at the end, scrolling stops. It doesn´t make sense. Why did it stop?

I think you should tweak level design a little so it would be more interesting in means of placing the blocks. And you could generate blocks less randomly or use more from Tetris and bring back the idea of creating coherent lines (for instance to turn something on).

I assume the graphics aren´t final. But I am a bit shocked that it doesn´t seem to be retro at all even thought you mentioned it has retro graphic world. Graphic is probably the biggest drawback of the game. It doesn´t seem to be tempting.

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prcprod Author

Hi Ikkju !
Thanks for the comment! Glad to see you like the idea :)

This video only shows one level in the game, but there are many others that are more about the puzzle side of the game, and you’ll need to choose your blocks very carefully if you want to pass the level.
Also, it was one of the developer playing, this is maybe why you think it isn’t difficult. Trust me, it requires a lot of skills :) We made sure to make this game difficult, and the scrolling camera plays its part for it.
About the graphics, it actually has a meaning when you know the story of the game! We made them like that on purpose.
Anyway, thanks for the constructive feedback ;)
Have a good day !

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Hi Prpcprod!

Just to add one thing: I don´t think the game is easy, it seems to be pretty hard. By saying it is not challenging I meant that I don´t want to make the effort it takes to pass the level.

And about the graphics, I believe it has a meaning, but it is not beautiful. It doesn´t give me the feeling: "Wow, this graphic is charming!" I´ve seen other images of the game that aren´t ingame and thoose are ten times better. Like this one: I wan assuming that all game will be that beautiful.

But I am glad that later levels are more about the puzzle side of the game. It is really good thing.

Have a nice day too!

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Ah, anyway, just CAN'T WAITTTTTTT!!!!

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