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We've just implemented fire into the engine, allowing us to add Molotov cocktails to the game. Fire spreads and burns across the map as it hits flammable tiles.

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So here we have Nick’s new fire spreading system (we’ve added flags to tiles such as roads to stop fire spreading onto them, and will add different flammabilities of different tiles soon ). Also Nick’s added some funky lighting to fire to make it flicker orangey, which really makes a huge difference as you can see.Oh and the baseball bat anims are in thanks to Binky.

I’ve added a new way of attacking now too. Traditionally the attack cursor would appear when mousing over a zombie with them in range of your weapon. Now in addition, you can hold Ctrl and you will pose, ready to swing / fire, and instead of needing to click a zombie it forces the cursor to the attack cursor, so you can attack in any direction by clicking the ground or something in that direction. Apart from looking cool poised to swing, it makes aiming in combat a lot easier particularly with melee weapons.


awesome :D

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