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Just uploaded a brand new kickstarter video last night in hopes to really get peoples attention, also a new build is out.

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After much delibaration I decided to make a brand new trailer for the kickstarter, really explaining the game and diving into the world of Just Beneath The Skin. Using some of the audio from the podcast I was on recently I must say the video came out spectacular and I hope this really gets people interested in the game. Along with the new trailer I had my artist make a awesome thumbnail for it, with Shyla and Kroelak going head to head!

In other news I uploaded a new BETA build today fixing a few issues that occured in the most recent BETA due to some new addition (oh how that happens XD ).

You can download that here:

So now things should run very smoothly, here's a detailed change log if your interested:


- Auto update fixed (was not able to full patch before, now patches fine)
- Font issues fixed (before font was not showing for map names/journal, now shows)
- Fog removed from entire Shylas dream area (fog was complained about before so it was removed)
- Load save error fixed (caterpillar error adressed, loading works fine now)
- Sunshine rays fixed in a few areas
- Special bar graphics adjusted
- Smash animation added to 1st mini game "Charge Me"

I hope you guys love the new video, the new beta and help spread the word!

Until next time, RAAAAWWWRR!! XD

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