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Young indie game studio Digital Dreams reveals its first game “A Tale by Alex” on their own Light label with the release of a trailer and screenshots. “A Tale by Alex” is a flash game about a kid named Alex playing his own stories in his living room as well as in his fantasy. The game is up for bids now on FGL.

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UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, June, 2th, 2011 – “A Tale by Alex” is a 2d platformer about a kid named Alex who likes to play at home. In his living room he's just walking on tables and sofas, but in his fantasy he's a strong knight in a forest. His cat is a lion, his rug is a lava pit, his vacuum cleaner is a robot, his annoying sister is an ogre and so forth. The player controls little Alex in his living room as well as in his fantasy at the same time. Alex let’s his fantasy go and makes up his own story while playing.

Lead designer and co-founder Geert Nellen about the game: “We wanted to have some retro appeal with pixel art, but at the same time do something different. So we came up with a twisted pixel style, wherein every pixel is diagonally aligned instead of horizontally. We also wanted to do something with a hard, medium, easy thing at the same time. This became A Tale by Alex, where the player needs to control three avatars simultaneously.”

Created in roughly a month and a half, “A Tale by Alex” is the first game to be released under the Light label of new indie game developer Digital Dreams.

This will be the first time Digital Dreams presents itself as a company to the world.

About Digital Dreams
Digital Dreams is a new indie game studio consisting of developers with a background in
Triple-A game development.
We want to reach out to a large and varied audience, giving them unique, meaningful and memorable experiences, by always striving for the highest quality, continuous innovation and creative, intriguing and holistic game designs.

Digital Dreams is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, at the Dutch Game Garden. Other companies like Monobanda (Bohm), Vlambeer (Super Crate Box) and Ronimo (Swords and Soldiers) are situated here as well.

The Digital Dreams Light label is a sub-label of Digital Dreams which makes small, bite size games mainly made in Flash.

The company is currently working on Digital Dreams Light productions strongly leaning on narrative design, as side projects for their main project, a downloadable console title.

About the game
I’m Alex, and I’m 9 years old. Whenever I come home from school, I like to play. With my friends, my cat and even my fish! My sister can’t play along, because she’s a girl and evil! Whenever I hurt myself I get to go to the toy store with my mother. I get to choose whatever I want!
But now you’re here, let me tell you a story! Once upon a time, there was a knight called Alex. He was a strong and fearsome man, slaying whatever came in his way. He was big and handsome and the strongest man in the land!
He comes across wizards, robots and even awesome big dragons. He climbed mountains, jumped over lava and dodged deadly traps to become the greatest warrior ever! The further he came, the more Alex was known as a hero. The moment he got past the dragons lair he was even crowned the King! Want to know how it ends? Come play along after school! We’ll have lemonade! But remember I, the great Alex, will be the Hero.

A Tale by Alex features:
• Simultaneously controlling three characters at the same time bringing a completely unique experience
• Unique art style consisting of crooked pixels which are diagonally aligned instead of horizontally
• Unique setting about typical child fantasy
• Voice acting as you’ve never heard before
• Over 15 items such as different melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor and mounts the player can buy to get further in the game
• 10 different enemies, in their unique form in the real world, to the rich fantasy of Alex

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