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More eyecandy in King Arthur's Gold! This time we have a completely new hand-pixeled HUD. Some new gameplay features are here too: like wall hugging to prevent fall damage.

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This is second part of a big update that involves improving the game graphics. The old HUD was just something quickly scratched so now we introduce a completely new redrawn HUD. We hope you enjoy it.

There are of course other changes and fixes. Worth mentioning is that:

  • You can now hug the wall to prevent fall damage. But be careful, hitting the wall while falling at big speed will also result in death!
  • Updated gibs!
  • Team bridge works like a 2way platform: press down to drop from it, press up to jump through it

Changes 127-129:

- new HUD cursors
- new HUD chat window
- new HUD resources & health bar
- new minimap window
- added dust animation on big fall
- minimap player icons indicate team color
- added minimap ground edge shading
- added variable "v_drawhud" useful to disable HUD when making screenshots or recording videos
- chat colors are team colored
- new team colored gibs
- castle back wall uses 2 stone
- message boxes replaced with graphics
- new menu buttons
- fixed menu inverting on smooth shader
- help texts only show up when toggled with F1
- added wall hugging to prevent fall damage
- fixed smaller fall damage not working
- fixed infinite resources from collapse prevention
- fixed tree stumps in front of players
- name labels above head use premium & admin colors

Tastyrice - - 255 comments


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MaxCahill - - 116 comments

Thank you! Lots of bits still rough around the edges but glad you like it.

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vsea - - 4 comments

Look cool, indeed :D

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Leafhouse - - 19 comments

Awesome! Nice work y'all.

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Snuggletummy - - 8 comments

And now I have a boner. That HUD looks orgasmic.

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MaxCahill - - 116 comments

Good to see you on here, ST!
(it's Geti)

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