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This Modification is based on the Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Include: Multiplayer Mod (First making project): 2 Teams are fighting each other. Teams : NERV JSSDF Targets: JSSDF: Capture MAGI (Super Computer) Parts. Destroy electronic systems. (Respawn point /Disabled). Hold NERV Controll-center

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This Modification is based on the Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Multiplayer Mod (First making project):
2 Teams are fighting each other.
Teams :

Capture MAGI (Super Computer) Parts.
Destroy electronic systems. (Respawn point /Disabled).
Hold NERV Controll-center (Respawn point /Disabled).
Eliminate the NERV personal.
Hold Respawn points.
Hack security-System.

Destroy the mobil-Commandcenter. (Respawn point /Disabled).
Close security doors.
Hold MAGI-system.
Hold controll-center.
Hack enemy mobile-radar-system. (Respawn point /Disabled).
Eliminate all JSSDF members.


If your team have 100 Teampoints (TP).
you can use some specials :


1. N2 bomb-attack. costs 100 TP. effect: Defense-systems Disabled. (1min)
2. Radio-Hack. costs 50 TP. effect: Map shows all Enemys in the range. (1min)
3. Drop. costs 50 TP. effect: New Respawn point for a min. (Only possible in some Areas!)
4. Air-atack. costs 50 TP. effect: Some rockets or bombs attacking the Area (Only possible in some Areas!)


1. MAGI- Hack. costs 100 TP. effect: All enemy Respawn points Disabled (without the MAIN!). (1min)
2. Security-Scan. costs 50 TP. effect: The Security-system shows all enemy positions in the range. (1min)
3. MAGI-Fake . costs 50 TP. effect: fake positons for the enemy. (1min)
4. Bakalit. costs 50 TP. effect: Hot liquid.. after 10 sec. hard. Kills all enemys if hit them. ( 1-2 min.).

Visit :
Shadow of Mamories HL 2 Mod page

Mod Image

Singelplayer Mod: (Freezed. Not enough members -.-)

You are at a cross-road in Neo-Tokyo 3. Its pouring and cars are passing you on the street. Their Lights are reflected by puddles. A Man is running, he is holding a cape over his head to prevent to get wet.
At the other side of the Road you can see two Inhabitants of this enourmous metropolis crammed together, talking. An umbrella protects them against the rain.
A car dashes through the puddle directly besides you. Your gaze meanders to the crossroad, you see restaurants, stores and offices. Through the window you see the people of this city busy like a bee-hive.
The background is the enourmous Skyline of this city. Far of you recognize Schools and Train Stations.
Far beyond the surface, well hidden from courious eyes is the NERV Headquarter.
An immense cavity with secret facilities, the secret organisation NERV. The Organisation above law, above all the rules you treasure.
The Organisation equipped to protect mankind or to wipe it from the face of our beloved Earth.
The Organisation, guided by SEELE and used by SEELE for their misterious and strange goals.
In this Dome far under this flourishing city are gigantic bio-mechanic warfare robots, the Evangelions.
Those Giants, shortly called EVA are controlled by three elected:
Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley and the caracter you will be playing, Shinji Ikari, the Pilot of Eva-01.
With him you will battle against large dangerous creatures, the Angels who are terrorizing Neo-Tokyo 3 since several years.
With him you will be experiencing the Anime "NEON GENESIS EVANGELION" from a completely new point of view. You control the powerful EVA-01 or you talk with Shinjis mates, friends and ordinates. You replay his role or you change the whole story. This is completely up to you.
And you will be playing a second Character you never saw in the Anime, Sergeant Hyoske Hataki.
Like Kaji he is a double Agent.
His objective is to shadow Shinji Ikari and to infiltrate NERV. He will unravel the secret behind NERV and SEELE
Imagine to use Hyoske Hataki to solve your Objectives the silent way. To fight your enemys like in Splinter Cell. (Sneak/Tactic Shooter)
Use your cover to infiltrate the Facilities unseen. If you are, against all precautions forced to fight you are equipped with effective High Tech Weapons that easily put your enemys to death.
Imagine to cruise Neo-Tokyo 3 with a "confiscated" car, to visit all the Spots you know from the Anime. See the NERV HQ, SEELE, the EVA-Cages and graveyards or just Misatos apartement.
Imagine you are at the NERV HQ and the JSSDF is attacking. You are in the action, you see how NERV personnell throw themselves in the firefight with the agressors. The Grenades will explode behind you and the bullets will hit near your head. You see how the Source-Engine shows detailed Explosions, how walls are destroyed and troops are flooding through the breaches.
During the Battles in the EVA's the tension will rise with every step you take
As Hyoske Hataki you will experience some Events Shinji Ikari never even heard of. This will let you experience NGE in two completely different ways, both demanding your very best.
Shinji Ikari is a young Teenager with the typical problems on his Way to Adolecence, as Pilot of EVA-01.
Sergeant Hyoske Hataki, as double agent distrusted by everyone, will let you discover what it really means to work for the japanese Government and for NERV.

Look forward for an excellent Mod.
You never experienced the Anime this Way!!

Ayanami Rei (Chara)

We are still searching Members !
Modlers / Mappers / Coders !!!

( My English is nooooooottttt soooo good ^^; Sorry ;) )

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