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A new revamped GUI and the external map-editor was implemented directly into the game (with improved performance and usability tweaks).

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The biggest additions to the new update are the improved GUI system (both in code and visuals) and the 3D map-editor which was implemented directly into the game with additional usability tweaks. I also added a new move which allows you to jump over blocks (while running) if the top surface of the block is placed below the players head. (Which makes it similar to the "speedvault" technique from parkour.) As always, there is a video of all the updates.

This update also includes bugfixes (i'm always finding new ones mostly by accident...) and performancetweaks.

Also, i'm planing on releasing the first "public alpha" version of celaria in this month.
By adding the editor into the game and revamping the GUI, i finished some of the biggest "todo" points for the game.

What is left to do (for the public alpha)?

  • adding/finishing animations to the game (the movement is pretty much finished, but the animations aren't)
  • finishing some minor things in the Editor.
  • creating a few singleplayer maps
  • adding/finishing a time-trial singleplayer mode

After that i'm pretty much ready for releasing the alpha version. Of course, this version isn't going to have all features of the final version.One of the things which will be missing is music/sound (as i didn't finish the Sound-DLL... if i finish it in time, then there will be sound in the alpha version), the multiplayer mode isn't going to be there, only one singleplayer mode will be available, etc...
I hope that i get the alpha ready in this month.
I would love to hear feedback from you (the community) regarding this game. :)
I'll anounce the alpha here on indieDB if it's ready.

Also you can follow me on twitter @DARKLEWA if you want to know about the development of the game more frequently.
See you next time.^^


Great super Job like every time !!!

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Out of all the games I'm tracking, this one is my favorite. Can't wait for the alpha!

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