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3 new grenades have been coded/modeled/textured and are in-game!

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Welcome to this Augustine update on Grenades! After a bit of brainstorming, a few new grenades have been thought up.

Plasma/Sticky grenade

Plasma grenade

What it does:

It sticks to surfaces then explodes


This grenade was designed by the Incondite forces as a quick and easy way of getting rid of an enemy, or group of enemies.

The Mechanics:

The plasma grenade has a plasma cartridge inside which ignites soon after activation. Once activated, the plasma cartridge releases all energy and destroys the shell in the meanwhile. It sticks to walls using static electricity.

Battery Grenade

Battery Grenade

What it does:

If this grenade sticks to a player, it sucks the up their shields to about 70%, and then it falls off its host and if it successfully charged up all the way, it explodes, killing anyone within its radius


This grenade was designed by human forces to disable vehicles during war (Designed before humans were attacked on Earth). Later, humans found this grenade very useful as it sucked away most anything that contained some electrical energy.

How it works:

The grenade uses electrical impulses to draw in energy from electric-energy rich sources. As it sucks away the energy in it's host, it charges itself up. The grenade changes color indicating it's charge. Once the battery has a sufficient amount of energy, it explodes in a very powerful blast, killing or damaging anything/anyone within it's blast radius.

Pulse Grenade

Pulse grenade

What it does:

You throw this on the ground, and every 3 seconds, it sends out an explosive pulse,
hurting anyone within its radius. Eventually, it runs out of energy and blows itself up


The pulse grenade is designed by Incondite forces. It is used to clear a room of any life so exploration or particular missions can be successful.

How it works:

The grenade has multiple blades that extend and retract, allowing the grenade to breathe so multiple exlosions can be possible. 4 condensed plasma shells enriched with gun powder allows this grenade to make powerful explosions.

Grenades modeled

So that is the new grenades. The mechanics of them have been balanced, and tested. If you like what you see, visit the Augustine website and join the community!

Kokumotsu - - 528 comments

balls those look nice

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TheillusiveMan - - 75 comments

Those are some really cool ideas and sound like some really unique and fun grenade types. They are going to be used in some interesting ways by players I bet.

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