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A slew of new bug fixes and features. S4 Studios is still looking for new members to Beta Test this game and report all bugs on the forums. Please help out!!!

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The latest version of this game includes the following bug fixes and features:

Version 1.05 (BETA) Patch Notes (May 22st, 2011)

  • New Server Added (Rastafari Server)
  • New Profiler (BETA) Section added (It tells you all your ingame stats)
  • An issue with the "Left Alt" Key being your chat key has been adjusted. It no longer affects your game windows and your other opened windows. The new key to chat ingame is "T"
  • Flamethrower Spell Ammo usage and power has been tweaked.
  • An issue with missing spell sound effects have been fixed.
  • An issue with ammo not resetting after death has been fixed.
  • Pressing Tab Key while ingame now unlocks your mouse to be use for other windows. Make sure to press Tab Key again while ingame to lock your mouse for continued gaming.
  • Hit Detection Particles has been scaled down tremendously. (No more blocky looking particles everytime you shoot.)
  • Game Logic increased from 30fps to 50 fps... Expect improved Game Speed even on slower computers.
  • An issue with all effects/sounds not rendering from opponents has been fixed.
  • Enemy Blobs has been scaled a bit larger for easier targetting.
  • Notifications of players entering and leaving ingame.
  • Notifications of ingame group accounts entering/leaving chat servers.
  • Internal Profanity Filter added.. Will be updated overtime with new profane words.
  • Staff Team internal chat powers added. (Still messy and may not work properly.
  • An issue with the "Play Now" button not working in game has been fixed (1.05)

Download Version should be up and ready within the next couple of days.

So go to and play now!!

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