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New Game + Unlocked! + Agriculture, Fight, Magic and Gems : How to survive on Planet Centauri !

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New Game + Unlocked! You are more than 550 trusting us and participate in the financing of the game, we really want to thank you for this!The next "stretch goal" is the tower of the 100 challenges and we still have 26 days to go so do not hesitate to talk about the game on social networks and forums!Remember also that we have an official forum, if you have any questions, we will answer you again! ✌(◕‿-)

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Agriculture, Fight, Magic and Gems : How to survive on Planet Centauri !

Centauri is a dangerous planet and, to survive, you'll have to master some basics.
Your character has a Life and an Energy bar. The Energy will be used for special and magic attacks and could be increased (as well as Life of course).

So, the more you have Energy, the more you can use Special or Magic Attacks before having to rest. You could also access to more efficient spells you created !

Example :

With 100 Energy, you could create a custom spell which allow you to cast 7 bouncy fireballs doing explosive damage at contact.

With 200 Energy, you could cast the previous spell 2 times or create a more powerful version : 12 fireballs with explosive damage increased by 30% or 1 ball with 500% more damage... Possibilities are infinite !

To have Energy, you must eat ! Each new ingredient you'll eat will give you a continuous bonus (it can be Energy, Life, Speed...). If you eat the same ingredient a second time, it will only give temporary bonus (Life regen i.e).

So, it will be very important to hunt, fish, be a farmer and cook to discover new recipes !

Basically, killing monsters and opening chests will let have the materials needed to have high-level equipment, better technology, creating robots or taming pets. But, if you really want to be powerful, you'll have to take time to discovre ingredients, slashing monsters, looking for rare fruits, exploring the zones at different times of the day (to see if it has an influence on the presence of rare ingredients, monsters or plants), spending time on the fields or in the kitchen.

As you already know it, you can create your own spell in Planet Centauri. Creation will be like crafting a weapon or an armor, with some choices to make :

Spell's nature
• Fire, Water, Ice, Life, Death, Arcane...

Spell's type
• on yourself, around yourself, by touch, at distance...

Spell's effects
• casting time, damage, Area of Effect, Damage on Time, number of objects (fireballs, ice pikes...), distance, bouncing effect, explosive damage...
• Slow, Freeze, Poison, Burn, Repel...

There's infinite possibilities that'll allow you to set up your spells according to your style !

These are attacks that need a gem and and Energy to be used

Here comes the most challenging part to explain. Obviously, we won't let you use Special and Magic Attacks indefinitely. You'll have to make choices. To help you, we set up a system inspirated by Final Fantasy VII's Materias :

Gems are stones you'll need to find that can contain a spell, a monster's soul or a Special Attack. To use the gem, you'll have to place it in socket you can find on weapons ar armors. Apiece of armor or a weapon can have 1 or more sockets. When the gem is placed you can use what's inside (spell, summon, special attack).

With a limited number of sockets, you'll have to choose carefully !


Congrats on IndieGoGo! I cannot wait until steam release.

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