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Cool new puzzle based game called DrawBalls with a 100 levels and a level editor to create custom levels

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Greetings everyone. The game you are about to see is called “DrawBalls” and is made with an easy to use but old and unsupported game engine called Game-Editor.

The goal of the game is to get the ball to the checkpoint and advance to the next level while the game becomes progressively harder. Every few levels the game introduces new mechanics like new balls to play with, moving platforms, trampolines and much more, a total of 24 objects.

100 levels and a level editor to create your own levels to play and share.

The reason we made this game is because we’re making a successor to the engine this game is made with called Game-Editor 2. It will be a 2D and 2.5D game engine that will be so easy to use that anyone can make amazing games with it but also containing advanced features for experienced developers.

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