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In aquamarine you are the victim of the game playing around with your nerves and your patience. Prove that your reflexes are quick enough for this simple yet frustratingly addicting game. See how long you can last in the dangerous waters of the aquamarine world without hitting the underwater icebergs and deadly sea creatures.

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Greetings IndieDB visitors!

My name is Veronika and I create addicting mobile games with beautiful designs and graphics for Apple, Android, and Microsoft. I would like to present to you a new game from my company GERYHEAD Studio, introducing Aquamarine Submarine!

Download the game on GooglePlay NOW:

As well as on Windows Phone:

Ever wondered how quick your reflexes are? Are you ready to explore the depths of the sea with all its dangers and adventures? Then Greyheadstudio’s latest aquamarine is your best bet!

In aquamarine you’re the helmsman of a little yellow submarine, trapped deep down in the ocean. You have been tasked with examining the undiscovered parts of the sea and the only way through is in the darkest and most threatening waters. On your journey you will encounter dangerous sea creatures who will try to attack your submarine during your expedition. Beware of Larry the shark, Kraken the octopus, Sammy the jellyfish , Bob the bigfish and many other aquatic predators. Yet your deadliest enemy of all is the giant iceberg located under the water, once you touch it , your travel is over and you have to start your tour all over again. Your goal throughout the game is to travel deep into the waters as far as you can without touching the rocks and encountering the sea’s hooligans.

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So how quick are your reflexes ? Ready to get frustrated and let aquamarine play around with your nerves and patience? Don’t be a wuss and see how long you can last in the dangerous world of aquamarine!

What do you think of the game?! Let me know in the comments!

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