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New features, and concepts for some features that might be added.

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Hello! And welcome to the second update!

I've been thinking and working on some features and put them on this test map.

Here's some of them:

Stopwatch (98% complete):

Also, I didn't screenshot a cube falling down, this is ACTUALLY the Stopwatch mechanic at play.

Turret Mark 2 (0% complete):

Since it's unfinished, it's currently just a normal turret.

Adhesion Gel (9% complete):


Well, that's all. Not all of my ideas are here, I just put the ones that I'm sure I'll add into the game. Also, this obviously isn't all of the ideas and progress of the entire mod in 1 post, I've been working on a lot more stuff, this feature update was just the most interesting of all the other stuff, so next update will probably be Story / Mapmaking related! But just probably. Well, bye again!

EDIT: I've now made a proof of concept video. See here: I still haven't finished the video


How did you make adhesion gel? You have replaced the reflection one?

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ItsJiUi Author

It's not REALLY adhesion gel, yes it's reflection gel but it works VERY VERY badly. Currently it's just for looks

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