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An overview of New Features in Untitled. The new abilities and trait system, as well as new level generation variables.

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Over the past week I have been adding and tweaking the new color abilities. These are abilities or traits that you gain while you are a certain color. Warm colors give an ability that is activated, were Cool colors give an inherit trait, that is either active or not.

Red: Ability to double jump.

Untitled Ablities and Traits

Yellow: Ability to hover (gravity is reduced, and momentum still effects your movements)

Untitled Ablities and Traits

Blue: Trait that doubles your movement speed.

Untitled Ablities and Traits

Green: Trait that reduces your fall speed by half.

Untitled Ablities and Traits

From the screenshots you may be able to tell that there are fewer Warm colors than Cool colors. With the new abilities I wanted more control over how the level generated. You can now set how many of each colors is generated, or stop a color from generating.

It will still be at least another week, possibly more before the next Beta release. I'm hoping to flush out the idea into more of a game, and less of a "creative way to explore a painting", and I believe it is getting to that point.

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