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Wc3:WoW is now being directed into a new direction - a direction it should have gone months or even years ago. GUI Triggers!

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Over the extended period of time the mod has been unable to get back onto its feet, I have been trying to think of new strategies to recruit potential developers for the mod to allow the further development of this over-ambitious mod. My main objective was to seek experienced vJASS coders who could efficiently create triggers via vJASS code, which is much more efficient and expansive than GUI triggers.

But the community of vJASS coders has dimmed out greatly over the years and so it has become that much more difficult to discover any potentially interested and skilled coders. However, the community of GUI triggerers is quite large still because it's much easier to work with than code. Although GUI cannot get us too far in the direction I had hoped to lead Wc3:WoW into, it is 'enough' to allow Wc3:WoW to be playtested.

With that said, the Wc3:WoW team is in need of GUI triggerers and vJASS coders. The exception of GUI triggers does not mean we'll be accepting anyone who can create a simple trigger; GUI triggerers are expected to understand how to make use of variables and avoid creating unorganized clustered triggers. GUI is slower than vJASS, as far processing goes, so it is very important to create triggers in the cleanest and most leak-free way possible. More information on the mod's development progress will be posted when a triggerer has been selected.

Thanks for reading!

lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

God, when iI saw the title, I instantly thought, "Well, It's dead :(", THEN I start readin... and no, I have NO experience whatsoever in guii triggers and no vJASS coding XP :D good luck though!

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Craka_J Author
Craka_J - - 616 comments

Dead? No. I actually have confidence now that the life of the mod will spring back up and be active once again. Right now, Misha is working on a player model for the Tauren race. It's great so far and I'm helping him test the attachment points and refer different animations to use for it from pre-existing animated models in WarCraft III such as the Peon's death animation.

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Rexon100 - - 19 comments

i can help a bit with GUI if u want, i have bean using GUI for like 5 years now

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