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We've released this demo for the public. This demo features some levels of the game and almost all the gameplay of the game.

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This demo contains up to 12 levels. The first levels of the game are dedicated to teaching the player how to use the dynamics of the game.

After some levels, you'll obtain the "Attractio Gravity Boots" and the "Attractio Gravity Gun", which makes you switch your own gravity between up and down, and make possible to change the gravity direction of almost any object, respectively.

Here's a Youtuber playing the demo:

You can download it here:

Right now we are trying to make it run on Linux and then to Mac.

Also, thanks to the feedback of some people we are trying to get some new voice-actors for the characters of the game. If anybody like to help us out with that we would greatly appreciate it.

Please leave us a comment or contact us at =).

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