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Single Player Story Content(Gordan Freeman story focused) and Some Multiplayer stuff too

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hevSuitedFellowLooking at building a single player campaign after researching with Unity 3D

by Chris Armisen

Constructing Black Mesa hid a powerful transmitter connected to a network powering an under construction city built on top of a research center used for generating power. Power freezes in the city at various locations are hidden as searches handled by the former cover squad of a mysterious man carrying a suitcase. Are they bait? And why does radar response keep saying there are planes frozen in the sky that are obviously cloud banks? Strange lightning from a cloud bank and the stoppage of tram ways start off the adventure as people falling from the sky wearing HEV suits are recovered, it being their only timed escape option from what look like ordinary clouds in the sky. A search team offering select passengers to put on gear and leave passenger trains offer the first of what might be trails to answers.

That is a new single player and co op multi experience


"New Content For Source Engine" That's a very misleading title. Just saying. This is more of an idea of yours, not anything about new content.

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Grimori Author

Moving to ioquake as new game.

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