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i am in picking of a co-leader since my old 1 was banned.

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WE are in need of a co-leader or we will die. So people who want to be co-leader and help mange the gourp . When this is happen i will give out ranks.

Worker/slave/heritic: no posted images or have not helped out in the gourp.

Orc/stormtrooper/choas marine: 1 image of a bad guy posted.

Nazgul: how have been befriend to me and have posted 5 images.

(low rank bad guy name here your name will be your chose as a bad guy plz pm name u want to me): posted 20 images.

(your name here high rank bad guy name or low rank oan any bad guy name pm post name to me) - a co-leader of the gourp.

Saruon the dark lord(only used my me): Main leader of gourp who can lower ranks.

So who wants to be a co-leader send a pm to me

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