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The transylvanian developers of Vampirix, a vampire themed multiplayer strategy game, announced 3 more characters available in the game.

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Vampirix android game, developed by a company from real Transylvania, Europe, announced 3 more characters available in the game.

Hidook, Sanzy Ana and Draculix already joined Mootzulea, Mary Read and Toorbinka as vampirix characters with the latest update on Google Play.

Vampirix is an android multiplayer real time strategy game developed by City Beetles, a Transylvanian based company. The game is described as a casual multiplayer.

It has an old school like feeling, with resources, battles and economy and 2d funky graphics. There are monthly rounds. As a player, you gather these little red creatures, vampirix, from various buildings. They're distant relatives of Dracula. You also get scientists that keep the creatures under control. With your armies you attack other players or public places where you may get artifacts and potions.

There's also an economy inside the game. The buildings produce money and there is also a market for free trade of artifacts and potions.

There are also some contests and a good Trivia non stop game with prizes.

There is a global chat window where you may see things that happen in the game.

The game can be played on android devices but also on windows PCs (the best way being the new Google Play Games windows app).

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Official website:

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