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Phantasy Star United group new assistant has arrived. Feel free to ask, share, and talk about the awesome masterpice of SEGA, Phantasy Star series.

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red ring rico 1 "Hello fellow Hunters, I am Rico. Here I will be the assistant of this group. Ask anything you need here, whether it is just game opinion, hunting tips, weapon stuff sharing, anything you experienced with all Phantasy Star series. Or maybe you want to share some hints too so other Hunters to defeat certain bosses, completing quests, secret areas, etc.

Go ask, I will gladly answer."

emilia 4 "Oh Rico-senpai is finally here. I'm quite sure you are not here to do some illegal archaeological research, right? right?"

nagisa 1 "For someone supposed to be dead long long time ago, this is a "weird" idea. Gonna check other useful things out there instead of staying here listening to dead person's rambling"

reve 3 "I've read your biography, and the name "Red Ring Rico" was supposed to be killed decades ago prior to old Phantasy Star Online event. The last time you did your so called "archaeological research" made you killed. Well, how can we trust your guidance and help if you are already "dead"? This unsolved question is mystery to me.

red ring rico 1 *sigh* "Why don't ask the author. I was put here not because I wanted to do it."

sarisa 4 "Eww, guys. Why not letting her doing the job, at least it will be more lively to see someone from older generation of Phantasy Star Online helps us with her knowledge and experience.

maya 3 "Yeah I agree with you, Sarisa. Getting an experienced helper could be more beneficial to new recruits. Also she could be a cool trainer too here."

red ring rico 1 "Thank to both of you, Maia and Sarisa. I'll do what I must do to be good assistant here."

tylor 2 "Ha ha ha, take ease to her, guys. Well, Miss Rico, you got my support. Having you around here isn't a bad idea, who knows I could find more valuable rare materials using your help, ha ha ha."

reve 3 "Dark Falz says hellooooow"

sarisa 4 "C'mon Reve, let's give her a chance. C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!"

reve 3 *sigh* "It's always like this with you, Sarisa."

sarisa 4 "Yay, okay, I love you Reve. You're my best friend."

tylor 2 "Ha ha ha, you crack me up. Reve, you should treat your little friend better!"

lou 1 "All right then. It is settled. Red Ring Rico is new assistant here. I'm Lou, I will help you in your job in case you find any troubles and difficulties. You can contact me, I am positioned in GUARDIAN main headquarter.

Analyzing process complete.

emilia 4 "Well then, you can get your start here."

red ring rico 1 "Thank you, I will be honored to have a helpful CAST officer supports me. All right then, from this day forth, I will be your helper and assistant here."


What happen to Rico?

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Nana_Joo Author

Prior to the event in Phantasy Star Online episode 1, she became host of Dark Falz (spoiler here) and ended up killed by players.

At the ending her soul released toward the sky after the destruction of the final boss (Dark Falz).

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