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I have asked and been asked by several modders on joining our mod.

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As any of you may know, our mod is stagnating. Models, loading screens and weapons are great but considering our lack of maps, new weapon models and textures, this mod is slowly falling into disrepair. However! It is not all lost, I have contacted Spi-Hamentsios, who you may know for his Corner Shop and Rooftops maps for CoD2 and Modern Warfare, who says he will work on maps for us when he has time. I know Nieznanywydawca has made contact with Djole22, who has expressed interest in making maps for our mod. Lastly, I have been approached by War1939 who has decided to help us with character skins and models.

So let's decide: should we allow these hard working users into our mod group. Leave your answers in the comments below. If nothing gets done with our mod, then it will be Iron Wolf all over again.

erist - - 220 comments

Let them join ur group!

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nieznanywydawca - - 188 comments

I agree. They will be great members in our team. Get those bastards on the ship, now!

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Melfius1 - - 976 comments

Yes, that's great news

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HerrKonstantin - - 547 comments

To Deathblade, I'm sorry for inactivity, I've been taking a break before coming back to ModDB, if Deathblade can see this, tell him I'm back.

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