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Nerepis Update 2017/09/27 - Progresson thoughts, Value for your money

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Nerepis Update 2017/09/27

I've been largely thinking about progression in online games recently and I somewhat baffled. My belief is everything should be available to the player at the very start of the game with the exception of cosmetic items. Overwatch figured this out and I think it works because it's fair from a game play perspective. By having everything available it allows players to experiment and determine what works for them. I can assure you two things; One, there will be no unlocks on the launch and two there will be a ton of content available. I have promised three maps per game type but I would like to deliver even more value to you.

The last few weeks have been good. AI has been better integrated into the menu. Now a player can select the amount of AI per game as well as the difficulty. I've taken a different approach than the standard AI difficulty with easy, regular and hard so I hope people will appreciate this new method. Going forward, I need to continue to refine this new game type. I have a ton of audio work a head of me too.


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