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Now that we have a programmer, we are making vast improvements and introducing features we always wanted to have, but never knew we could get!

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Hi guys, Thanks so much for your support of this game. I want to start off by saying that I'm super happy with the reception it has got so far and have loved reading and responding to the comments, as well as watching the Let's Play's.

We have already begun to make changes based on some of the feedback that was echoed by most players, but this post isn't to show that, it's to show off the improvements we've been making to the game-play itself!

First, here's a video of the weapon improvements; these were done to make things behave slightly more like NT, but we kept it in the style of HL2 with the right-click secondary attack to make sure it feels familiar and easy, and doesn't require the player to remember extra key binds.

  • Tachi Pistol now has Burst Fire
  • SUPA7 Shotgun now fires a slug
  • ZR68 can now aim down sights for better accuracy/range

Second, here's a video of a feature I always hoped we could add, but never thought we would be able to:
Wall Jumps

Anyone familiar with the quake mod "Urban Terror" will feel right at home using these. I know it will open up a lot more navigation opportunities on our current maps, and future maps will be designed with this capability in mind!

Once again, a huge thanks to our programmer: Alexander "Z33ky" Hirsch for his amazing work helping make this the game I always wanted it to be.

On an unrelated note, progress has begun on 2 new maps!

Xamp - - 559 comments

Noice, love the new changes.

Gotta say tho, the ADS option needs to be tweaked so your red dot stays (mostly) centered while firing.
As is, if you hold down the fire button, your aiming dot goes off somewhere else until you stop shooting.

Good job on the walljumps, I think they fit the setting and map layouts quite nicely.

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wrayayrton Author
wrayayrton - - 64 comments

The ADS option has been improved slightly since the video with the idle sway and jiggle being removed when aiming to keep the crosshair centered. however, to make sure that full auto ADS spray doesnt become OP, auto fire while aiming will not be made too easy.

however, for the katsu character, auto fire is planned be made slightly easier, and aiming more effective, mostly due to different animations for each character.

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Guest - - 695,021 comments

Seems like a very cool game! Only thing that could be better is voice acting.

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wrayayrton Author
wrayayrton - - 64 comments

sorry you feel that way, I was completely happy with the performances of both my voice actors, and will absolutely be using them for the final game so long as they are up for it. hopefully we can get the voice actor for "katsu" (wolf) a better mic setup.

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Guest - - 695,021 comments

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