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We talk about some of the feedback we've been getting about The Good Apprentice

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So, The Good Apprentice demo has finally been released! If you haven't picked it up, you can do it here: The Good Apprentice Demo.

We've been asking people to give it a play and tell us what they think. So far, the results have been... not the best!

The Good Apprentice feedback from

The Good Apprentice feedback from gamemaker

Nobody has particularly fallen in love with the game as we would have liked :) But, most of the replies we've been getting point out to several issues:

1. The music is annoying
2. The sound in general seems to be bad
3. The action is a bit dull for some people
4. There is a problem with the HUD. It's too hard to read the numbers and it takes up too much space.
5. There are some control issues

When we first read this, we were a bit shocked. But, after giving it some thought over the past day, we can see how people would feel like that. And, we've been hard at work getting them fixed.

Issue 5 is easy enough to deal with. We fixed that right away.

Issue 4 is a bit more difficult. If things are too hard to read, our inclination is to either make things bigger or put a large background as part of the HUD. In either case, this cuts the view of things down quite a bit. Though, now that I think about it, we can change things a bit more to use menus. Perhaps that would work a bit better...

Issue 1 and 2 are strange because we like the music and sound effects that we did! Particularly the music, I feel like, while the music isn't GREAT, it certainly fits the game! So, we're pretty certain that as of right now, we'll keep the music as is (though we did change some sound effects).

Lastly, issue 3 is a big one. Unfortunately, it's something that we won't do anything about :( We did make a slight change in one of the enemies in the game (the blue head guys), but overall, we're going to be sticking with what we got. It's a key point because if we were to adjust this setting much, the game would be entirely different. We wouldn't be making the same game, and it wouldn't be that much fun FOR US!

Overall, we're pretty happy with the criticism! We feel extremely lucky that so many people mentioned a lot of the negative aspects to the game so that we could fix them. Hopefully, we've adjusted the majority of people's problems and we've made the game a lot more casually and FUN.

So... yeah! Download the demo and give us feedback!

The Good Apprentice Demo


I always say that solid constructive criticism is the most valuable tool a developer/group can have. It's really fantastic that you are using it so graciously toward improving your game. Lauds. Keep it up !

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jrjellybeans Author

Hey thanks JJ!
Yeah, the only way to make a game better is by listening to other people!
Sometimes you get so caught up in your own work that it's difficult to realize what's going on!
Thanks for the comment JJ!

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