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Need more members are the group will get un done and no fan club no updates are any like that we need more members to make videos media maps skins are anything like that some people will like to make mods for the group such as for half-life2 garrys mod 10 mods half-life some fans can play together make fans and get more player to join the group im thing to think of a stoy and the fans can make modeling maps skins and npcs for fun and play together on the mod!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE NEEEEEED MORE Members

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mod im think of im the story and the fans are going to help make it the name of this mod is Hero

Chapter 1-intro
you wake up on a bed in the house the text comes up and says

Name-John Mc
Age- 21


the text goes gone then the player gets up off the bed then someone knocks on the door the door opens.a guy walks in and says hey solider my name is Sam freeman come with me johnn ili drive you to goes black and then sam freeman say WAKE UP SOLIDER your here. The player wakes up and gets out of the car in a camp then sam freeman says follow me john ther player(john) follows him to a hall then walks in the room. the player sees a desk and a guy aka the captin of the camps says hi solider my name is , well just got damn call me captin if you have a problem you can go!!! the door opens the player runs to the door the door shuts sam pushs the player in a seat the captin says if your going to run you we will have to shoot you down now so you have no choice to join us so get ready solider your going to War! it gose back a text comes up it says 13 days later the player wakes up in a helicopter a radio says good evening soliders you guys are going to at doctor warehouse they been working on a top scecet oject are some thing we heard some screems and some unhuman noises. a soldier says ROCKET HOLD ON! the rocket hits the helicopter and gose black and the player hears the helicopter gose down!

chapter 2- The Screct

the player wakes up in a warehouse the player sees a weapon (kinfe) on the ground of a dead solider with a doctor shot in his eye the player pick the knife up the dead solider get up he runs fast and hits the player hard lost of 10 hp the player kills the dead solider (zombie).john says WHAT THE hell was that.. then the player opens a door the player sees a gun (shotgun).the player grabs the shotgun a voice says FREEZE! thats all i got.

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i have not finsh

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